You know, it’s entirely possible that something’s stalled in Pontiac;  I’ve heard remarkably little on the matter from the Lobster Chewtoy who runs this show.  Now, that could have been due to a recent dessert massacre, the Polar Vortex, magnetism problems, or even the Doppler Effect on Gravity (better known as NOTHING).  Still, we endeavor to persevere.  Until more comes in from him, go check out more from me.

We all need each other's help.


Confusion! They’re Gone!

Wow. January’s not even over, and all the Jack Uzi 2014 calendars are out! I sold the last one yesterday, well before the show was over! Hopefully, this will show our producer that somebody wants to see what we’re doing. Yes, we still need views and subscriptions (so please, everybody, share the series with all your friends!), but I have to admit that it was gratifying seeing everybody’s hard work go home in eager hands. Thanks–that was easily one of the first cool things to see during the new year.

Have a happy Civil Rights Day tomorrow!

We sold our last 2014 Jack Uzi Calendar!

We sold our last 2014 Jack Uzi Calendar!

The End of the Year As We Know It!

It’s bizarre how things slow down in December; as if the weather itself isn’t bad enough, the challenge of getting things done while being pulled away to this distraction or that takes away the free time we all desire. As a result, most of what gets done gets done one person at a time, as it’s possible to work alone. It’s far too difficult to get two or more people together between snow and obligations to friends or family.

In order to minimize stress around this time of year, I decided to celebrate ZUUL instead of Yule. It’s a holiday of friendship and gift-giving that happens whenever I please, usually when I see something that inspires gift-giving to a friend. That way, there’s no sense of general obligation with the time of year or any need to visit the stores during their Stampede-A-Thons, yet I still get to be generous… but without the stress! It also means I get more done than most people. More news on that soon.

The Speedometer says "220mph."

Moving Fast

The Lost Weekend

We all have our days when events go in a different directions than expected; this has been one of those weeks for me. I don’t want to go into details, but I will say this: some good came out of it, and I will likely have more to show you as a result next week. Until then, I’m going to give you a slight hint in the picture below… See if you can guess.

Duncan Chapman, Paytra Gessler, and Taylor Williams

Duncan Chapman, Paytra Gessler, and Taylor Williams, from Segment 2 of the Pilot

Getting Back on Schedule

Hi, folks!

Detroit Fanfare was a great experience this year, and I managed to do very well there. However, it did throw my schedule off–heck, that’s why I did an early post that week. Even little disruptions like that, though, do mess with personal rhythm, though, and I nearly forgot to do this blog. I realize that with readers in the low double-digits and subscribers in the single digits, it’s not like I’m really doing this for many beyond myself, but it’s worth doing for practice’s sake. That is the thing, though–it still remains important, and I don’t want it to get behind.

That brings us to a couple of items related to the YouTube site: First, it’s important to link to the channel (and subscribe) because sometimes the video links wind up getting broken when new versions of the older segments replace the previous videos. This recently happened with segment one of the pilot (go back, watch, and see if you can spot the differences!) The new segment is also up, too! Unfortunately, segment three may take a bit of time because we’ve had some equipment malfunctions of the fiery sort. If anyone has a spare mixer lying about, please contact me, and we’ll talk.

Support, Technically

Hi everybody, as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve had some trouble with our channel, but much of this has to do with technical difficulties as opposed to our video editor dragging his feet and not being a cupid-hanging slobber-Nazi. (As an interesting side-note, the spell-check underlined the entirety of “slobber-nazi” with a lowercase “N.) While we wait for him to get his system working correctly (and wipe his slobber off the keyboard), check out some of the silliness on the “Making Of” channel.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture I know you’ll like.

Pay Attention to the Man Behind The Counter

Come up with a better caption than this one and put it in a comment on this post!

And Now For Something Completely Silly

Hi, everyone, and thank you for tuning in to the first segment of the pilot! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, and, of course, share it with all your friends. The next segment should be up soon (SUBSCRIBE!), but meanwhile, we’ve launched our “Making of” channel! Check it out and have a giggle.

Robert Scavone as Nathan Bronx

Robert Scavone as Nathan Bronx