This is Important!

Well, no, it isn’t…  it’s just that with April approaching, March  has been an incredibly long, sleepy month, so much so that I actually fell asleep ALL LAST SUNDAY.  With the upcoming thaw, I’ve been asked to start putting more stuff on the shooting schedule.  More reports will follow as they need to, but there will be some exceptions.  After all, in mid-April, I am scheduled to go to SPACE.  That’s where I’m doing the big premier of my new game, ART WAR.

Speaking of which, I’m looking for artists and crafters of every sort for the next ART WAR deck.  I’m planning on doing several themed specialty decks for sculptors, knitters/crocheters, culinary artists, fashion designers, cartoonists, jewelry makers, and more.  Get in touch with me, and you can be part of the fun (and make some money!).

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot


The Thaw

With the  upcoming thaw (cross fingers), we look to begin this year’s principal photography, get the remainder of the pilot out, and take everyone by surprise.  In order to do this, we have a special thaw poll:

The Art ThiefThe Art Thief


You know, it’s entirely possible that something’s stalled in Pontiac;  I’ve heard remarkably little on the matter from the Lobster Chewtoy who runs this show.  Now, that could have been due to a recent dessert massacre, the Polar Vortex, magnetism problems, or even the Doppler Effect on Gravity (better known as NOTHING).  Still, we endeavor to persevere.  Until more comes in from him, go check out more from me.

We all need each other's help.

Confusion! They’re Gone!

Wow. January’s not even over, and all the Jack Uzi 2014 calendars are out! I sold the last one yesterday, well before the show was over! Hopefully, this will show our producer that somebody wants to see what we’re doing. Yes, we still need views and subscriptions (so please, everybody, share the series with all your friends!), but I have to admit that it was gratifying seeing everybody’s hard work go home in eager hands. Thanks–that was easily one of the first cool things to see during the new year.

Have a happy Civil Rights Day tomorrow!

We sold our last 2014 Jack Uzi Calendar!

We sold our last 2014 Jack Uzi Calendar!

Shakeups, Breakdowns, and Shameless Self-Promotion

Well, my schedule has kind of been shaken up by the damage to my car that I alluded to last weekend, and our Mighty Director has suffered a hard drive failure–both of these things are proving mighty inconvenient. It’s because of this that I turn attention back to other projects of mine, to help bring some cash in.

I’ve got Sudoku Tactics, the board games I’ve been selling at conventions, up on The Game Crafter until I can produce some more physical copies. That’s the company that also helped me put out Lea$e for Life for the show. My artwork, meanwhile, is going up at Ideas Manifest. Then, of course, there are still a few calendars left on the website…

Lea$e for Life

Keep a Close Watch–Strange Things Are Afoot

Well… more than just a foot–a knee, possibly a whole leg or even two… but definitely keep your eyes on the Jack Uzi Channel. There are two great reasons for this. First, Freon keeps tinkering with the various versions of the early segments–you will get to see any improvements he makes before the official showing, to be announced soon! Second, Segment Three is on the way! Of course, if you subscribe to the channel, you will get notified of the latter… but oddly, not the former. That is, when a video gets revised, you will only see this in the fact that the number of views gets reset to zero. Don’t miss out!

Also, as the Big Holiday with All Those Trees gets closer, now is the time to buy that calendar and be sure that you will have it ready to wrap! There’s also still time to get THE MOST HORRIBLE GAME EVER, designed for the later episodes of the series, from The Game Crafter. If you’ve got a dark sense of humor, you’ll love that, or you’ll have a perfect gift for someone you really don’t like.

Lea$e for LifeLea$e for Life–the most horrible game ever!

Meet Paytra Gessler

Today, we focus on Paytra Gessler–little did we know when we cast her as one of Christy’s friends in Baltimore that we were casting a musical sensation! This singer, dancer, and lyricist hails from Toledo, Ohio is pounding her way into the teen music world with her hard-hitting vocals and stirring lyrics. Behind her big brown eyes is the mind of a true musician, passionate about sharing her music with the world.
Paytra Gessler

Have a Jack Uzi Christmas: Buy a calendar!

Next week: A Secret!