Final Draft

The final draft of the Jack Uzi Calendar is at the printer, getting a proof done, so there’s just one week left to preorder or reserve your special date.  I’ve received some incredible new images from The Mighty One (our fearless director) and used some of those instead of some of the originals (don’t worry, all your favorite cast members are still there, plus one more!).  I’ve also added some cool international, cultural, and UN holidays, plus a few parodies.  Anyone who can make a correct list of all the fake holidays gets dinner with me at the restaurant of your choice.  I realize this may dissuade some of you from buying a calendar, but hey, nobody says you have to make the list!

Marty Andaluz on the set of THE ADVENTURES OF JACK UZI!

We had a bunch of great pics for the calendar, but only fourteen pictures could make it!

Don’t be like this guy! Order now!


Post #50

Part of me is proud to have made it this far, adding the weekly discipline of writing something here every week, generally at least tangentially related to our project or our cast’s or crew’s projects. The effort helps fight “writer’s block” and also helps energize that part of me that enjoys the actual writing process, which doesn’t often get enough use through work or play, currently. Certainly, with the current job, I’ve had to miss a few shoots, but the project continues onward.

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot

This past week’s shooting was in Pontiac.  No casualties were reported.

We’re still taking suggestions on promotions and marketing JACK UZI to the general public.  If you like to eat, the prizes are all restaurant gift cards or gift certificates to your favorite place.  I’d love to have more suggestions and advice to choose from.


Well, that’s three responses…

… and that’s a start–I like the idea of seeing people who read this blog get active and be part of what makes this feed fun.  If it means giving away a few gift cards to get it to happen, so be it.   Just so you know, I’m going to ask you what restaurants you like before I get them.  I’m not going to get those stupid cards for large conglomerates of mediocre franchises.  After all, I want you all to post comments, not to feel ripped off.  I want people to read this as I talk about how Jack Uzi is the Harry Potter of All James Bond Movies, so that when it comes out, people will want Bee Suit Action Figures and play Lea$e for Life.  I want people to guess at… no, wait, I can’t talk about that yet.

Meanwhile, bring you friends here.  The more people who see this, the more I’m encouraged to show more of what’s coming.

Kim Sinical as Zeena with a man who shall be left mysterious for the moment (although he's played by Matt Dunaj). Wait until you see the scene!

… a man who shall be left mysterious for the moment (although he’s played by Matt Dunaj). Wait until you see the scene!

… and the more you all “get in the game,” the more fun we all have.

JACK UZI “Goes Viral!”

Can you imagine that?  “The Adventures of Jack Uzi” going viral?  It would be a real marketing coup for a new company’s virgin outing with an ambitious spy web-series.  I’m not sure how it would work, but in this case, I’d really like to hear people’s ideas of how they’d do it.  In fact, I’m going to put up the money for $100 restaurant gift cards for each of the following:

  • Best promotion idea (that we can afford)
  • Funniest promotional idea
  • Most insane promotional idea.

All you have to do is comment below or, if you’re shy, e-mail the Secret E-mail Address.  Runners-up in each category will get calendars.  You’ve got a month.

Let’s cut out some of the obvious ones:  testimonial quotes like “‘The SHARKNADO of all spy stories!’  –Queen Elizabeth II” and “The Adventures of Jack Uzi has been BANNED in eleven countries!” are really no good because they’re not true…  although I have to admit if somebody can actually make me laugh out loud at an appropriately silly lie, I’ll give out a calendar for that, too.

Meanwhile, here’s one for the history books–four of our lovely young starlets in front of the DIA before it was sold off in the bankruptcy:

A quick pose outside the DIA with four of JACK UZI's youngest stars!

A quick pose outside the DIA with four of JACK UZI’s youngest stars!

Quickie Entry This Week

I’m going to cut this week’s entry shorter than most. Looks like there’s enough interest to do a limited run of calendars up, so I’ll be setting that up (along with the requisite sale-points on the Jack Uzi Website). Meanwhile, unexpected busymakingness takes me up to the wondrous world of Mt. Pleasant.

Meanwhile, we’ve had surprisingly little interest in the June contest. If you missed it, read back a few entries, participate, and get a prize. Otherwise, I’ll just assume none of you guys want to have any fun at all. That’s too bad.

JUst Out of Curiosity…

So, although the series itself is a series whose pilot itself is yet to be completed, and we’re really really close to release but not there yet, we’ve to a bunch of great shots both in front of the camera and behind the scenes (including plenty not seen on this blog or the main site yet… it kind of got me thinking: Would people be interested enough in a calendar to put something together for 2014? We’re looking at a likely price of $9.95 each + shipping, and for just $5 more, we can add YOUR special date to the calendar! Remember a birthday, an anniversary, or even lock in an event date for just $5! Who would be interested in something like that? Don’t send any money now, but if we get at least a dozen votes, we’ll put a button up on The Main Site for you.

J.U. in June Contest: More Details

Hey, everybody… We’re in June now, and you’ve got a whole bunch of posts and graphics to go through that you can use to impress us with your ability to turn one, some, or all into brilliant works of art and fandom. You can turn in prose, poetry, art (digital or painting or otherwise)–whatever you’re inspired to do. Send an e-mail to me, ask questions, if you need to, and send in your entry when it’s ready.

As for what we’re giving out to participants? Well, HIM is giving away comics, games, and even movies on our behalf; other prizes are in the works from other sponsors. Everyone who plays will get something, from the actors in front of the camera to the people behind the scene to the various viewers, and trust me, this leads to an awesome July, when we give out the gifts and show off your work! Come out and play!