“This is Strip Steak Experimental L-1-1 commencing test firing on Engine Three…”

Thursday was the long-awaited filming of Terry Lawrence as Pilot Perkins, and the whole process was hilarious, from the rigging of the “pilot’s seat” to the real difficulty of reading through five whole lines of dialogue without somebody breaking out into laughter.  Pictures, hopefully, will follow soon.

Terry Lawrence as Pilot Perkins

Terry Lawrence as Pilot Perkins


A Smashing New Year

It’s funny how eventful this week has been–it has passed by so very quickly between New Years events, a private sneak peak at Segment Four of the pilot… and a fairly serious car accident. Yes, I’m fine, but I’ll admit that it has effected my mood even as I write this. I’m just going to leave this very brief and wish everyone a better year than last.

Rumors, Secrets, and Big Fat Lies

Yes, it’s America’s favorite game, “Rumors, Secrets, and Big Fat Lies,” wherein we talk about some of the amazing things within upcoming segments of The Adventures of Jack Uzi. The best part of this game is you get to play along, figuring out which are which!

  • Segment Four will be on the channel soon.
  • New “Making Of” footage will be coming up soon, so that people will get to see some more of the behind-the-scenes nonsense from us professionals.
  • Some time in the New Year, the channel will open up for public comment
  • Edward Snowden will be calling in on Skype to film his part in the series.
  • Some members of the cast and crew, during downtime on this project, are turning their talents and skills to some science fiction fan film.
  • No lizards have been harmed during the making of these videos.
  • You will be able to see some of us, and the calendars, making an appearance at ConFusion.

Any guesses which are which?

RJ Balde as Juan Pupadei

RJ Balde as Juan Pupadei

And Now For Something Completely Silly

Hi, everyone, and thank you for tuning in to the first segment of the pilot! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, and, of course, share it with all your friends. The next segment should be up soon (SUBSCRIBE!), but meanwhile, we’ve launched our “Making of” channel! Check it out and have a giggle.

Robert Scavone as Nathan Bronx

Robert Scavone as Nathan Bronx

It’s Here! It’s Finally Here!

…and I’m not talking about the pizza I ordered three years ago! I’m talking about the first installment Pilot Episode of The Adventures of Jack Uzi! Spend your time watching that–the rest of this is essentially about YouTubery and Facebookery, so enjoy the episode unless you want to help us make this a success, which I’m hoping you want to do because you’re reading this now.

Of course, you can find us on Facebook and you can find the segments here, and of course, you can always add your individual “likes” in both places, but what we need you to do is help us build an audience. To do this, we need you to share these pages with your friends, relatives, enemies, and pets through the various “share” tools, on your blogs, via e-mail, and so on. As a small production team we need your help because you know more people in total than any of us ever will.

Now, because this is essentially the first, tiniest piece of the pilot, the piece has direct comments disabled. You can, however, send us comments directly.

Jon Martin as Marriott Elway

Featuring Jon Martin as Marriott Elway

Preparing to Prepare, Waiting for Subscribers

Well, it has been a week since Mike’s “big announcement,” but as yet, he hasn’t seen the interest up from subscribers to actually put out the first of the clips.  Maybe he expects people to watch this and subscribe before he puts anything out.  I don’t know… but what I do know is that I’m using the time I have to start on some new projects, some related to Jack Uzi, some not, but all require me to finish cleaning my basement.  That’s my most usual work area (and play area), but a week or so ago, my basement flooded, leaving my things water-damaged and/or stranded.  Well, today, everything’s been fixed and/or replaced, the floor has been cleaned, and I’m ready to compute–and plan–from down here again.

Meanwhile, we’re almost out of calendars, so get them now if you want them.  Chances are, they’ll be gone by October, so if you want one on your wall in 2014, pick one up!

Post #50

Part of me is proud to have made it this far, adding the weekly discipline of writing something here every week, generally at least tangentially related to our project or our cast’s or crew’s projects. The effort helps fight “writer’s block” and also helps energize that part of me that enjoys the actual writing process, which doesn’t often get enough use through work or play, currently. Certainly, with the current job, I’ve had to miss a few shoots, but the project continues onward.

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot

This past week’s shooting was in Pontiac.  No casualties were reported.

We’re still taking suggestions on promotions and marketing JACK UZI to the general public.  If you like to eat, the prizes are all restaurant gift cards or gift certificates to your favorite place.  I’d love to have more suggestions and advice to choose from.