“This is Strip Steak Experimental L-1-1 commencing test firing on Engine Three…”

Thursday was the long-awaited filming of Terry Lawrence as Pilot Perkins, and the whole process was hilarious, from the rigging of the “pilot’s seat” to the real difficulty of reading through five whole lines of dialogue without somebody breaking out into laughter.  Pictures, hopefully, will follow soon.

Terry Lawrence as Pilot Perkins

Terry Lawrence as Pilot Perkins


This is Important!

Well, no, it isn’t…  it’s just that with April approaching, March  has been an incredibly long, sleepy month, so much so that I actually fell asleep ALL LAST SUNDAY.  With the upcoming thaw, I’ve been asked to start putting more stuff on the shooting schedule.  More reports will follow as they need to, but there will be some exceptions.  After all, in mid-April, I am scheduled to go to SPACE.  That’s where I’m doing the big premier of my new game, ART WAR.

Speaking of which, I’m looking for artists and crafters of every sort for the next ART WAR deck.  I’m planning on doing several themed specialty decks for sculptors, knitters/crocheters, culinary artists, fashion designers, cartoonists, jewelry makers, and more.  Get in touch with me, and you can be part of the fun (and make some money!).

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot

The Thaw

With the  upcoming thaw (cross fingers), we look to begin this year’s principal photography, get the remainder of the pilot out, and take everyone by surprise.  In order to do this, we have a special thaw poll:

The Art ThiefThe Art Thief


You know, it’s entirely possible that something’s stalled in Pontiac;  I’ve heard remarkably little on the matter from the Lobster Chewtoy who runs this show.  Now, that could have been due to a recent dessert massacre, the Polar Vortex, magnetism problems, or even the Doppler Effect on Gravity (better known as NOTHING).  Still, we endeavor to persevere.  Until more comes in from him, go check out more from me.

We all need each other's help.

“I Hope You Realize This Means War”

That was my favorite line from any Bugs Bunny cartoon ever made.  It has dual bearing on this particular post:

1)  I’m a little peeved that I haven’t had much response yet from people related to my poll in the last post.  After all, the goal is to make a show that you yourselves want to see happen, whether as an actor, a crew member, or a fan!


2)  My game, Art War, is now in production… or at least the limited edition version.  You see, Art War is a collectible card game;  the limited edition is a collector’s version, containing all 108 cards in one box, as opposed to the regular version of the game, which will contain a mixed set of 54, including the rules card and the checklist.

Hopscotch, an ART WAR card by Michael Marcus

This is one of my cards from the first ART WAR game deck.


Man Having Idea

Well, if there’s one thing last week’s post demonstrates, it’s that postponing the intended blog entry even as little as one day throws this off for a full week. In fact, it’s proving really hard to get a start on this week’s entry, as well. I’m not entirely sure why I should have a problem; I’ve had plenty of mental stimulus to keep my rusty old brainpan full and bubbling. For one thing, I was introduced to concepts related to BitCoin and how it works, including “bitcoin mining,” which is actually less about mining and more about high-speed tracking and confirming of transactions. Basically, you buy an ASIC box, hook it up to your computer, and it does all the work for you, making fractions of pennies at a time, very very quickly, and by doing this, turning your computer into a money-making machine.

It has got me thinking quite a lot about many tiny transactions, many times over, and one idea that comes to mind is this: I can come up with a cool-looking black-and-white art piece and sell a special signed and numbered, limited edition print for a dollar each, with the intent that in one year, you could sell them back to me for, say, two dollars each (assuming you didn’t want to keep the original pieces). Naturally, I couldn’t do it over PayPal because of how much they charge on those small transactions, but if I could use that money to get a project going, that seems like it would be a good deal for everyone. So, would that be a cool thing for JACK UZI?

Practice Makes… Something!

I really have to thank Michael “Freon” Andaluz for getting me involved in this series, not only for the fun of acting in it but for the work behind the scenes and on the blog. It may not seem like much, but it’s an effort to be consistent with the weekly posting schedule, especially when it doesn’t seem like there’s much to write about; certainly, I don’t write that much in an individual post, either. It does, however, give me practice in getting my ideas down in print… especially when I wouldn’t otherwise be writing.

Because I have this practice, it has led to me actually get me another writing gig, and while it might not necessarily get me that solid gold appendix I’ve wanted, it has gotten me an audience. Now to bring those people back to look at OUR show!

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