This is Important!

Well, no, it isn’t…  it’s just that with April approaching, March  has been an incredibly long, sleepy month, so much so that I actually fell asleep ALL LAST SUNDAY.  With the upcoming thaw, I’ve been asked to start putting more stuff on the shooting schedule.  More reports will follow as they need to, but there will be some exceptions.  After all, in mid-April, I am scheduled to go to SPACE.  That’s where I’m doing the big premier of my new game, ART WAR.

Speaking of which, I’m looking for artists and crafters of every sort for the next ART WAR deck.  I’m planning on doing several themed specialty decks for sculptors, knitters/crocheters, culinary artists, fashion designers, cartoonists, jewelry makers, and more.  Get in touch with me, and you can be part of the fun (and make some money!).

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot


The End of the Year As We Know It!

It’s bizarre how things slow down in December; as if the weather itself isn’t bad enough, the challenge of getting things done while being pulled away to this distraction or that takes away the free time we all desire. As a result, most of what gets done gets done one person at a time, as it’s possible to work alone. It’s far too difficult to get two or more people together between snow and obligations to friends or family.

In order to minimize stress around this time of year, I decided to celebrate ZUUL instead of Yule. It’s a holiday of friendship and gift-giving that happens whenever I please, usually when I see something that inspires gift-giving to a friend. That way, there’s no sense of general obligation with the time of year or any need to visit the stores during their Stampede-A-Thons, yet I still get to be generous… but without the stress! It also means I get more done than most people. More news on that soon.

The Speedometer says "220mph."

Moving Fast

Post #50

Part of me is proud to have made it this far, adding the weekly discipline of writing something here every week, generally at least tangentially related to our project or our cast’s or crew’s projects. The effort helps fight “writer’s block” and also helps energize that part of me that enjoys the actual writing process, which doesn’t often get enough use through work or play, currently. Certainly, with the current job, I’ve had to miss a few shoots, but the project continues onward.

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot

This past week’s shooting was in Pontiac.  No casualties were reported.

We’re still taking suggestions on promotions and marketing JACK UZI to the general public.  If you like to eat, the prizes are all restaurant gift cards or gift certificates to your favorite place.  I’d love to have more suggestions and advice to choose from.


This is EXACTLY What I Meant.

It’s Monday, and that means Sunday slipped by without a post. It’s so easy to get caught up in other things, and this week, I even had a little something new to talk about, with respect to the show. The Big Special Effect for the pilot is in-process; I developed some of the scaled photographs in preparation for the big BOOM of the pilot, so this moves us significantly closer to being done with Episode Zero. It nearly went without comment, just because momentum can be such a hard thing to maintain without feedback from an audience.

Today’s challenge is simple: What does the following recording have to do with The Adventures of Jack Uzi?

And now, the Pic of the Week: The Spy Car… or at least the bit of it that isn’t Top Secret.

GGNS:  Good Guys Never Spy.

This is the only part of the Jack Uzi GGNS spy car we can legally show you.

Impulse, Identity, and IMPACT IN FIVE SECONDS!

So, we’ve somehow reached December, and as we approach the End of the World, we’re also reaching the End of Episode Zero.  Hopefully, we can get the last couple of shots wrapped, destroy a building, and then edit the whole thing together.  However, it’s also starting to get chilly out there, and people are being dragged off to holiday parties left and right, college and high-school actors are preparing for finals, and the rest of us are just in hiding from the nonsense that is Xmas Buying Panic.

While we’re waiting, and since none of the other cast or crew responded yet, I’ll go ahead and do a profile on myself.  My name is Michael Marcus, and behind the scenes, I’m helping Mike Andaluz with story design, taking on the role of a script supervisor, a production assistant, and generally helping out with some of the more dangerous aspects of the show (like driving the “spy car” around switchbacks at unsafe speeds and praying the damn thing doesn’t suddenly lose a wheel).  In front of the camera, I play Simmons, the high school janitor at the school Christy and the other kids attend.  Aside from the series, I run the various creative services at Hamtramck Idea Men, where I’ve been editing and publishing comics, designing games, and generally been selling my creative services to those who need them.  I’ve recently been commissioned to do one of the Audience Choice Awards to be given out at the Mitten Movie Project this month.

I’ve also been asked to SHARE THE AWESOMENESS of this blog over on Facebook with our project fan group over there, IMPACT IN FIVE SECONDS, saving everyone yet another click and providing more “Facebook Feed Fabulosity” for everyone.  After all you know what They Say… but I don’t.  I never listen to Them.  As always, send your questions, requests, and other Jack-Uzi-related madness to me, and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.