Andrew and a Winner!

Andrew Dawe-Collins as Justice Rath

Here we see Andrew Dawe-Collins as Justice Rath.  I managed to get a couple questions to him, and he was gracious enough to answer.

1) I notice you’ve got more than a handful of acting work on the IMDb.  How did you get started?

Well, I did a lot of theater when I was… a lot younger. I toured with a summer Shakespeare troop for awhile, not that I even understand any of what I said on stage. This will really date me: I would get my character assignments, then the first chance I would get, I would race to the Library (you know, those musty smelling places with awesome things called books!) then I would rent the Shakespeare albums (see, dated!) and I would memorizes the lines exactly as the actor said them on the record…  I never had a clue as to what any of it actually would mean.  I had fun though.

Then I a bunch of other theater, and after about 12 years of it, I just let other things in life push it to a back burner.  In 2010, though, a buddy asked me if I would like to play a villain in a video short for the Detroit-Windsor 48-Hour Film Festival.  I figured, “Sure why not?  Something to laugh about with the grandkids, you know.”  Well, lo and behold, I fell in love with it.  I was just instantly taken to it, and I have been lucky enough to add some great gigs and meet some incredible people since then.

2) You had also mentioned to me that you’re an artist.  What type of work do you do?  Do you have a gallery anywhere?  Would you care to share a piece or two with our audience?

I come from a very talented family. Art seems to be in the blood.  My mom, she went to art school—does anybody remember the art school that used to advertise on the back of matchbooks?  Yup, she graduated from that art school. My brothers and I picked up the bug from her.  I have to say that about the same time I drifted from the theater, I also drifted from doing artwork.  I had not picked up as much as a pencil to draw anything for 20 years.  Then one day my youngest brother, Noeland James Collins, sent me a sketchbook with a penciled zombie that he had drawn.  There was a shaky word bubble that read “Ink me!” so I inked it, and just like that, the urge to create came back. I am nowhere near as talented as my little brother Noeland, but I am getting better all the time.

I have a redbubble site for t-shirts…

A lot of my stuff ends up on display on my facebook page

And I have a deviantart account.

Plus I have illustrated 2 full tweener books for Living Dead Press:  “The Zombie in the Basement” and “Children of the Void.” I am in talks with them to do a 3rd book tentatively titled “Zombies are Cool!”

I have been published in dozens of independent comic books, which I love doing. It has been mostly horror stuff, lots of it zombie stuff! which is my favorite! I guess all the links indicate, YES! I would love to share some of my work!
3) What has been your most enjoyable experience to date in any of your projects–what happened, and why?

My most enjoyable experience to date is still the short video I did for Poison Apple Entertainment

I used to think, “If I ever got the chance I would LOVE to be a zombie on screen.” (I know that doesn’t sound like much to most people, but I have loved all things zombie long before zombies were popular–Romero’s 1968 film hooked me for life!) I answered a casting call for a homeless guy in the Poison Apple film ”Hallowed End” I got a reply back from the casting director Nicole Truett saying I looked the part and I didn’t have to audition, just show up. Cool, I didn’t have to audition! I showed up for the shoot and very much to my ever-undying pleasure, I got to be a homeless guy ZOMBIE! It was my first time working with the wonderfully talented people at Poison Apple–it was AMAZING, and is still easily my favorite experience. Second would be a very recent small role I did for Ring of Fire Entertainment‘s short called Whiskey Tango In.  I got to meet and be on film with one of my all time favorite musicians, Mitch Ryder…I am such a fanboy sometimes!

4) What are you looking to get out of your acting career?  What are your personal goals?

Honestly, I am just looking to have a great time doing fun and interesting roles. I would of course like to get paid for it sometimes but hell, truth be told, I’d do it for free anyway if I loved the role.  I have been lucky enough to meet some great people on film sets. Stupidly, sort of… off-kilter people… just like me! It has been like walking into a very loving dysfunctional family I never knew I had.  So that is what I am getting the most out of my acting career—the people.  I usually don’t sleep well the night before a new shoot because I know that day I will meet somebody cool I never knew existed.

So my first goal has been attained–I got to be a zombie on film. And I reached my second goal last year; I got to kiss a girl on film (my wife hasn’t seen the film yet…she will probably bludgeon me to death with my “best actor” trophy when she does.) My only remaining goal is to play a loving, understanding, pot-smoking grandpa on film…weird I know, but I think it would be fun.  I just want to keep doing this as long as I can–I love it.

Meanwhile, on the photoshop contest, the winner is…
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