This is Important!

Well, no, it isn’t…  it’s just that with April approaching, March  has been an incredibly long, sleepy month, so much so that I actually fell asleep ALL LAST SUNDAY.  With the upcoming thaw, I’ve been asked to start putting more stuff on the shooting schedule.  More reports will follow as they need to, but there will be some exceptions.  After all, in mid-April, I am scheduled to go to SPACE.  That’s where I’m doing the big premier of my new game, ART WAR.

Speaking of which, I’m looking for artists and crafters of every sort for the next ART WAR deck.  I’m planning on doing several themed specialty decks for sculptors, knitters/crocheters, culinary artists, fashion designers, cartoonists, jewelry makers, and more.  Get in touch with me, and you can be part of the fun (and make some money!).

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot


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