Practice Makes… Something!

I really have to thank Michael “Freon” Andaluz for getting me involved in this series, not only for the fun of acting in it but for the work behind the scenes and on the blog. It may not seem like much, but it’s an effort to be consistent with the weekly posting schedule, especially when it doesn’t seem like there’s much to write about; certainly, I don’t write that much in an individual post, either. It does, however, give me practice in getting my ideas down in print… especially when I wouldn’t otherwise be writing.

Because I have this practice, it has led to me actually get me another writing gig, and while it might not necessarily get me that solid gold appendix I’ve wanted, it has gotten me an audience. Now to bring those people back to look at OUR show!

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Confusion! They’re Gone!

Wow. January’s not even over, and all the Jack Uzi 2014 calendars are out! I sold the last one yesterday, well before the show was over! Hopefully, this will show our producer that somebody wants to see what we’re doing. Yes, we still need views and subscriptions (so please, everybody, share the series with all your friends!), but I have to admit that it was gratifying seeing everybody’s hard work go home in eager hands. Thanks–that was easily one of the first cool things to see during the new year.

Have a happy Civil Rights Day tomorrow!

We sold our last 2014 Jack Uzi Calendar!

We sold our last 2014 Jack Uzi Calendar!

Shakeups, Breakdowns, and Shameless Self-Promotion

Well, my schedule has kind of been shaken up by the damage to my car that I alluded to last weekend, and our Mighty Director has suffered a hard drive failure–both of these things are proving mighty inconvenient. It’s because of this that I turn attention back to other projects of mine, to help bring some cash in.

I’ve got Sudoku Tactics, the board games I’ve been selling at conventions, up on The Game Crafter until I can produce some more physical copies. That’s the company that also helped me put out Lea$e for Life for the show. My artwork, meanwhile, is going up at Ideas Manifest. Then, of course, there are still a few calendars left on the website…

Lea$e for Life

A Smashing New Year

It’s funny how eventful this week has been–it has passed by so very quickly between New Years events, a private sneak peak at Segment Four of the pilot… and a fairly serious car accident. Yes, I’m fine, but I’ll admit that it has effected my mood even as I write this. I’m just going to leave this very brief and wish everyone a better year than last.