Keep a Close Watch–Strange Things Are Afoot

Well… more than just a foot–a knee, possibly a whole leg or even two… but definitely keep your eyes on the Jack Uzi Channel. There are two great reasons for this. First, Freon keeps tinkering with the various versions of the early segments–you will get to see any improvements he makes before the official showing, to be announced soon! Second, Segment Three is on the way! Of course, if you subscribe to the channel, you will get notified of the latter… but oddly, not the former. That is, when a video gets revised, you will only see this in the fact that the number of views gets reset to zero. Don’t miss out!

Also, as the Big Holiday with All Those Trees gets closer, now is the time to buy that calendar and be sure that you will have it ready to wrap! There’s also still time to get THE MOST HORRIBLE GAME EVER, designed for the later episodes of the series, from The Game Crafter. If you’ve got a dark sense of humor, you’ll love that, or you’ll have a perfect gift for someone you really don’t like.

Lea$e for LifeLea$e for Life–the most horrible game ever!

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