Rumors, Secrets, and Big Fat Lies

Yes, it’s America’s favorite game, “Rumors, Secrets, and Big Fat Lies,” wherein we talk about some of the amazing things within upcoming segments of The Adventures of Jack Uzi. The best part of this game is you get to play along, figuring out which are which!

  • Segment Four will be on the channel soon.
  • New “Making Of” footage will be coming up soon, so that people will get to see some more of the behind-the-scenes nonsense from us professionals.
  • Some time in the New Year, the channel will open up for public comment
  • Edward Snowden will be calling in on Skype to film his part in the series.
  • Some members of the cast and crew, during downtime on this project, are turning their talents and skills to some science fiction fan film.
  • No lizards have been harmed during the making of these videos.
  • You will be able to see some of us, and the calendars, making an appearance at ConFusion.

Any guesses which are which?

RJ Balde as Juan Pupadei

RJ Balde as Juan Pupadei


The End of the Year As We Know It!

It’s bizarre how things slow down in December; as if the weather itself isn’t bad enough, the challenge of getting things done while being pulled away to this distraction or that takes away the free time we all desire. As a result, most of what gets done gets done one person at a time, as it’s possible to work alone. It’s far too difficult to get two or more people together between snow and obligations to friends or family.

In order to minimize stress around this time of year, I decided to celebrate ZUUL instead of Yule. It’s a holiday of friendship and gift-giving that happens whenever I please, usually when I see something that inspires gift-giving to a friend. That way, there’s no sense of general obligation with the time of year or any need to visit the stores during their Stampede-A-Thons, yet I still get to be generous… but without the stress! It also means I get more done than most people. More news on that soon.

The Speedometer says "220mph."

Moving Fast

A Very Special Gift

Come to the channel to enjoy Segment 3 of the pilot. Please help spread word around and get more views because that will help us get a better venue and put on a more awesome live show of the full pilot after the segment-by-segment YouTube-structured test run. This one gets a little weird, but then, you want that.

Next week is the last week I can guarantee a calendar getting where it needs to in time without special shipping.

Courtney Steward as Lora Pine

Keep a Close Watch–Strange Things Are Afoot

Well… more than just a foot–a knee, possibly a whole leg or even two… but definitely keep your eyes on the Jack Uzi Channel. There are two great reasons for this. First, Freon keeps tinkering with the various versions of the early segments–you will get to see any improvements he makes before the official showing, to be announced soon! Second, Segment Three is on the way! Of course, if you subscribe to the channel, you will get notified of the latter… but oddly, not the former. That is, when a video gets revised, you will only see this in the fact that the number of views gets reset to zero. Don’t miss out!

Also, as the Big Holiday with All Those Trees gets closer, now is the time to buy that calendar and be sure that you will have it ready to wrap! There’s also still time to get THE MOST HORRIBLE GAME EVER, designed for the later episodes of the series, from The Game Crafter. If you’ve got a dark sense of humor, you’ll love that, or you’ll have a perfect gift for someone you really don’t like.

Lea$e for LifeLea$e for Life–the most horrible game ever!

Meet Paytra Gessler

Today, we focus on Paytra Gessler–little did we know when we cast her as one of Christy’s friends in Baltimore that we were casting a musical sensation! This singer, dancer, and lyricist hails from Toledo, Ohio is pounding her way into the teen music world with her hard-hitting vocals and stirring lyrics. Behind her big brown eyes is the mind of a true musician, passionate about sharing her music with the world.
Paytra Gessler

Have a Jack Uzi Christmas: Buy a calendar!

Next week: A Secret!