Getting Back on Schedule

Hi, folks!

Detroit Fanfare was a great experience this year, and I managed to do very well there. However, it did throw my schedule off–heck, that’s why I did an early post that week. Even little disruptions like that, though, do mess with personal rhythm, though, and I nearly forgot to do this blog. I realize that with readers in the low double-digits and subscribers in the single digits, it’s not like I’m really doing this for many beyond myself, but it’s worth doing for practice’s sake. That is the thing, though–it still remains important, and I don’t want it to get behind.

That brings us to a couple of items related to the YouTube site: First, it’s important to link to the channel (and subscribe) because sometimes the video links wind up getting broken when new versions of the older segments replace the previous videos. This recently happened with segment one of the pilot (go back, watch, and see if you can spot the differences!) The new segment is also up, too! Unfortunately, segment three may take a bit of time because we’ve had some equipment malfunctions of the fiery sort. If anyone has a spare mixer lying about, please contact me, and we’ll talk.

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