Not Much Time on My Hands!

Thanks to Detroit Fanfare being this weekend (Come find me at Booth 200!), and my actually being there for most of it, I don’t expect to have my usual Sunday post on Sunday. That’s why I’m doing this early. You see, our Fine Director suggested a new segment will be up in the channel, but I won’t be here to post. Do yourself a favor, go to the channel, and subscribe there. If you subscribe, you’ll be ready for whatever surprises he has planned! If you come to this weekend’s show, you can get copies of the calendar in person!

The Adventures of Jack Uzi--The Calendar!

Want some cool pics from the series? Buy one and reveal new secrets all year long! Available at Detroit Fanfare, Table 200 (Detroit Tradecraft!)


Support, Technically

Hi everybody, as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve had some trouble with our channel, but much of this has to do with technical difficulties as opposed to our video editor dragging his feet and not being a cupid-hanging slobber-Nazi. (As an interesting side-note, the spell-check underlined the entirety of “slobber-nazi” with a lowercase “N.) While we wait for him to get his system working correctly (and wipe his slobber off the keyboard), check out some of the silliness on the “Making Of” channel.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture I know you’ll like.

Pay Attention to the Man Behind The Counter

Come up with a better caption than this one and put it in a comment on this post!

And Now For Something Completely Silly

Hi, everyone, and thank you for tuning in to the first segment of the pilot! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, and, of course, share it with all your friends. The next segment should be up soon (SUBSCRIBE!), but meanwhile, we’ve launched our “Making of” channel! Check it out and have a giggle.

Robert Scavone as Nathan Bronx

Robert Scavone as Nathan Bronx

It’s Here! It’s Finally Here!

…and I’m not talking about the pizza I ordered three years ago! I’m talking about the first installment Pilot Episode of The Adventures of Jack Uzi! Spend your time watching that–the rest of this is essentially about YouTubery and Facebookery, so enjoy the episode unless you want to help us make this a success, which I’m hoping you want to do because you’re reading this now.

Of course, you can find us on Facebook and you can find the segments here, and of course, you can always add your individual “likes” in both places, but what we need you to do is help us build an audience. To do this, we need you to share these pages with your friends, relatives, enemies, and pets through the various “share” tools, on your blogs, via e-mail, and so on. As a small production team we need your help because you know more people in total than any of us ever will.

Now, because this is essentially the first, tiniest piece of the pilot, the piece has direct comments disabled. You can, however, send us comments directly.

Jon Martin as Marriott Elway

Featuring Jon Martin as Marriott Elway