Preparing to Prepare, Waiting for Subscribers

Well, it has been a week since Mike’s “big announcement,” but as yet, he hasn’t seen the interest up from subscribers to actually put out the first of the clips.  Maybe he expects people to watch this and subscribe before he puts anything out.  I don’t know… but what I do know is that I’m using the time I have to start on some new projects, some related to Jack Uzi, some not, but all require me to finish cleaning my basement.  That’s my most usual work area (and play area), but a week or so ago, my basement flooded, leaving my things water-damaged and/or stranded.  Well, today, everything’s been fixed and/or replaced, the floor has been cleaned, and I’m ready to compute–and plan–from down here again.

Meanwhile, we’re almost out of calendars, so get them now if you want them.  Chances are, they’ll be gone by October, so if you want one on your wall in 2014, pick one up!

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