An Announcement!

Today I don’t have to write anything because our Director and Grand Poobah has had something very special to announce:

JACK UZI’s pilot will be on YouTube as its own channel beginning next week.  This is an opportunity to subscribe so that you do not miss any portions, since it is being made available in installments.

The complete uninterrupted pilot will debut as a pay-per-view item. The venue is still being researched. When the series is taken up and filming commences beyond Episode 5, there will be other places to view the series, but since it is still being shopped, I can only upload it in portions to keep it from losing value. However, you can still spread around news about where to see the project while this is happening:

Check us out on YouTube.

This link can be shared. Subscribing to the channel is highly recommended, because it is not practical to email everyone each time something is uploaded.


“GGNS” is the organization for which Jack was hired.

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