Fruits of Labor

so, here we are, on Labor Day Weekend.  The calendars are ready, and they look beautiful.   Big thanks to the cast and crew, especially Russ Herschler and Barbara Frye whose efforts helped make this calendar possible… and I’m going to need any sales from it because I found out that my current contract is not being extended as planned, but due to budget concerns, I’m going to be done on 9/13… just as I’m finally getting used to working a daytime schedule.  Thank you.  Send news of cool jobs in the metro-Detroit area my way.

Meanwhile, the show has had one heck of a tech day where we filmed what will eventually be the SFX shot that ties the whole pilot together.  It could be we’re getting to close to the verge of something to show people!  Meanwhile, buy a calendar.

The Bunny Men of the Basement

Buy a calendar, or the Bunny Men will come for YOU.

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