So, yes, here we are, saying, “Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now… Any day now…”

Well, that’s the sort of thing I get out of our Fearless Leader. Meanwhile, if you want to see more of the show, visit the site and buy a calendar.


Guess what comes next!


The Silence of Sound

With the editing on the pilot well underway, there have been a few sound-synchronization problems.  It’s all something for Dr. Technical to take care of–some combination of codecs, internet lag, and invisible monkeys, I’m assuming.  I have had the chance to see how it’s all coming along, and it’s amazing what’s been achieved with what I have seen.  You might want to subscribe early, so that you don’t have to wait for my announcement.

Meanwhile, if you want some sneak peeks, consider getting the calendar.  It’s functional, a great gift, and it contains some secret footage, yet mysteriously without spoilers!  At the rate they’re going, we may not have enough for Detroit Fanfare, so buy one now!

Christie Fitch (played by Natalie Miller) watches her dad leave

Well? What are you waiting for? Buy a calendar!

Preparing to Prepare, Waiting for Subscribers

Well, it has been a week since Mike’s “big announcement,” but as yet, he hasn’t seen the interest up from subscribers to actually put out the first of the clips.  Maybe he expects people to watch this and subscribe before he puts anything out.  I don’t know… but what I do know is that I’m using the time I have to start on some new projects, some related to Jack Uzi, some not, but all require me to finish cleaning my basement.  That’s my most usual work area (and play area), but a week or so ago, my basement flooded, leaving my things water-damaged and/or stranded.  Well, today, everything’s been fixed and/or replaced, the floor has been cleaned, and I’m ready to compute–and plan–from down here again.

Meanwhile, we’re almost out of calendars, so get them now if you want them.  Chances are, they’ll be gone by October, so if you want one on your wall in 2014, pick one up!

An Announcement!

Today I don’t have to write anything because our Director and Grand Poobah has had something very special to announce:

JACK UZI’s pilot will be on YouTube as its own channel beginning next week.  This is an opportunity to subscribe so that you do not miss any portions, since it is being made available in installments.

The complete uninterrupted pilot will debut as a pay-per-view item. The venue is still being researched. When the series is taken up and filming commences beyond Episode 5, there will be other places to view the series, but since it is still being shopped, I can only upload it in portions to keep it from losing value. However, you can still spread around news about where to see the project while this is happening:

Check us out on YouTube.

This link can be shared. Subscribing to the channel is highly recommended, because it is not practical to email everyone each time something is uploaded.


“GGNS” is the organization for which Jack was hired.

Fruits of Labor

so, here we are, on Labor Day Weekend.  The calendars are ready, and they look beautiful.   Big thanks to the cast and crew, especially Russ Herschler and Barbara Frye whose efforts helped make this calendar possible… and I’m going to need any sales from it because I found out that my current contract is not being extended as planned, but due to budget concerns, I’m going to be done on 9/13… just as I’m finally getting used to working a daytime schedule.  Thank you.  Send news of cool jobs in the metro-Detroit area my way.

Meanwhile, the show has had one heck of a tech day where we filmed what will eventually be the SFX shot that ties the whole pilot together.  It could be we’re getting to close to the verge of something to show people!  Meanwhile, buy a calendar.

The Bunny Men of the Basement

Buy a calendar, or the Bunny Men will come for YOU.