Post #50

Part of me is proud to have made it this far, adding the weekly discipline of writing something here every week, generally at least tangentially related to our project or our cast’s or crew’s projects. The effort helps fight “writer’s block” and also helps energize that part of me that enjoys the actual writing process, which doesn’t often get enough use through work or play, currently. Certainly, with the current job, I’ve had to miss a few shoots, but the project continues onward.

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot

The Jack Uzi Parking Lot

This past week’s shooting was in Pontiac.  No casualties were reported.

We’re still taking suggestions on promotions and marketing JACK UZI to the general public.  If you like to eat, the prizes are all restaurant gift cards or gift certificates to your favorite place.  I’d love to have more suggestions and advice to choose from.



2 thoughts on “Post #50

    • Actually, we did show our first trailer and a Jack-Uzi-related music video shown at the Mitten already; you can visit if you want to see them again; you can even support the show by pre-ordering some merchandise or by becoming a sponsor. I agree, though, The Mitten Movie Project is chock full of Awesome. You can quote me on that–just please link back here. 🙂

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