JACK UZI “Goes Viral!”

Can you imagine that?  “The Adventures of Jack Uzi” going viral?  It would be a real marketing coup for a new company’s virgin outing with an ambitious spy web-series.  I’m not sure how it would work, but in this case, I’d really like to hear people’s ideas of how they’d do it.  In fact, I’m going to put up the money for $100 restaurant gift cards for each of the following:

  • Best promotion idea (that we can afford)
  • Funniest promotional idea
  • Most insane promotional idea.

All you have to do is comment below or, if you’re shy, e-mail the Secret E-mail Address.  Runners-up in each category will get calendars.  You’ve got a month.

Let’s cut out some of the obvious ones:  testimonial quotes like “‘The SHARKNADO of all spy stories!’  –Queen Elizabeth II” and “The Adventures of Jack Uzi has been BANNED in eleven countries!” are really no good because they’re not true…  although I have to admit if somebody can actually make me laugh out loud at an appropriately silly lie, I’ll give out a calendar for that, too.

Meanwhile, here’s one for the history books–four of our lovely young starlets in front of the DIA before it was sold off in the bankruptcy:

A quick pose outside the DIA with four of JACK UZI's youngest stars!

A quick pose outside the DIA with four of JACK UZI’s youngest stars!


6 thoughts on “JACK UZI “Goes Viral!”

  1. what would happen if we just had all people involved post it, share it, and ask people to forward it. on fb, on twitter, etc. it doesn’t have to be complex, if people like it, they will forward it.

      • as opposed to which idea requiring less herding? maybe we should just put our website in pictures and videos with cute (and ugly!) animals. those seem to go viral pretty quickly.

  2. Ever want to have a hot time with a hot star. Click on seejackshooot.com and win a chance to be alone with none other than Jack Uzi in his own private jacuzzi ! Don’t delay as this is only a limited time offer.

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