Production and Collaboration, Little Red Hen Style

This is not the “Sky is Falling” story, but rather the one about a hen which finds some grains of wheat and asks the other animals to help her plant it, but none do except for her own chicks.  The same thing happens when it comes time to cut the grain, grind the flour, and make the bread… only when it comes time to actually eat the bread do the other animals happily volunteer and come around.

Well, in many ways, production on work like JACK UZI relies on everybody doing everything, and with it being more than just a movie, but an episodic series, it’s taking long enough that some of the folks are finding other ways to engage themselves while the metaphorical “bread” bakes.  That’s one of the reasons we’re doing this blog–it provides an anchor for people to come back and hear about the show, and it provides a place where all the actors and behind-the-scenes people can promote (with just a a quick word to me) the various projects they’re doing.  That’s one of the reasons we’ve been doing these profiles.  Have something to promote?  Let us know!

Meanwhile, I’d like to both promote one of my current (still in design phase) projects and invite all of you, cast, crew, or general public, to get involved.  The project is called ART WAR! and it’s a collectible card game, which means that as people buy the decks, you get paid for your participation!  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find or make a piece of artwork and convert it to digital (or just work right there on the computer).  If you’ve made a painting, scan it to digital;  if you’ve made a sculpture or some other form of 3-D art, take a digital photo.
  2. Take that digital image, shrink, sample, and/or crop part of the image to 600pixels by 600pixels.
  3. Send me the resulting image, along with its title, year of creation, what the original form of art was (acrylics on canvas, digital photo, clay pottery…), and where the people playing the game can find more of your art.
  4. Repeat this eight more times.

When I get enough art in, I’ll compile the decks, and I’ll tell everyone where to find them.  I need a total of twelve artists;  if I end up with more than twelve artists, artists will be accepted on a first-come-first-published basis, but any remaining artists will be drafted into the next deck, so your work will get out there, and it won’t be wasted!  Right now, I have the six of the twelve I need on the first deck, and it’s all looking really great, so come on out and play with us!

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