Change of Gears… and a Chance to Win!

Hi, everybody. Since I’m wrapped for the pilot, and other aspects of Real Life have taken over, there hasn’t been a lot for me to report, and here I am, posting my weekly blog and finding nothing to say. I’ve got to be open and honest about that, but I want to turn that into an advantage and supply an opportunity for everybody out there… I know you’re out there because we’ve actually got FOLLOWERS on this blog now, and that means regular readers in addition to those who click through on facebook and other sites to read about our weekly wackiness (such as it is). Now, I’m not going to preach about how “following” us helps support the project by giving us something to show investors, nor am I going to go on about how using the “share” link helps boost numbers and similarly gives us a better case for being paid for our efforts. No, I’m going to pay you for your efforts for the show! To that end, I hereby announce our

Jack Uzi: JU for JUNE Awesome Contest!

Okay, yeah, I know the name’s corny, but it works like this: Go through our posts and our various Pics of the Weeks, take the images, and put together your most awesome work of art yet. It doesn’t matter if you use Photoshop, collages on paper with other images from elsewhere, or even just paintings inspired from what you’ve seen and what you imagine (or what you know) of the series–even actors and folks from behind the scenes can enter! We’ll be using the entries on this blog and to promote the series in general, as well as to show off how awesome our fans are.

Now, to give everyone a fair chance of winning, you’ve got the whole month of June to compete–enter as many times as you like–and the winner(s) will be announced on July 7th. Now, not all prizes have been decided yet, this because I just started this contest on the fly, but I promise that the GRAND PRIZE one will definitely be worth your time, with the smaller ones related to other projects I’ve been working on. You’ll see more about that over the next few weeks… in fact, that will give me something to write about. So yeah, two birds, one stone. Go me.

Now show us your awesomeness.

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