Too Busy on Jack Uzi for Jack Uzi

So, yeah, my work as Simmons is wrapped now, but that just means I wind up doing more on the “story design” side of things, going through scripts, double-checking continuity, tweaking scripts for where actors/actresses have been dragged away by life’s mysterious  “plan” (and actress who’s pregnant won’t be able to handle the same type of kung-fu, sadly), and otherwise getting everything lined up so that the whole project looks so seamless that you’ll wonder how we do it (or that’s the goal, anyway).  Anyway, I was so busy doing that that I entirely forgot about the blog!  Still, it’s still today, and better late than never.

And now, the Pic of the Week:  Richard Hingst and Robert Scavone share an undisclosed food product in an undisclosed location.!

Rick Hingst as Dwight Carrey and Robert Scavone as Nathan Bronx eating an undisclosed food product  at an undisclosed location.

Dwight Carrey and Nathan Bronx in the Stands!

If anyone outside the cast and crew wants to take a guess at their location based on the picture, you can write to me, and if you’re the first person to get this one right, I’ve got one incredible prize for you (retail value over $200)!

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