Meet Marla!

Kalissa Brown as Marla in "The Adventures of Jack Uzi"

What happens when a nice girl falls for the wrong guy and ends up in a bad crowd? You wind up with someone like Marla. It took a special actress to take this role, and we were lucky to get Kalissa Brown for this role. This week, I have my interview with the lovely lady.

1) How did you find your way into acting, and what appeals to you most about it?
I started acting as a child in school plays, but really got into it when I lived in Los Angeles. I learned a lot there, mostly by observing things from the perspective as a background actress. I find acting rewarding because it stretches me to limit of my abilities.
2) I know that you’ve started a great family–has that changed your plans at all?
Having a family has changed my plans in that I would describe my acting status as “partially in hiatus.” Whereas before, I would audition like crazy and even do extra work, now I limit auditions to the best opportunities and don’t do extra work.

3) What has been your most fun experience to date in any of your projects–what happened, and why?
The most fun, rewarding acting job I’ve had was as the hostess of travel show pilot. I got to travel around to different locations within a city and try new experiences…such as standup paddle boarding!

4) Everyone successful has a view in his or her head of what success would be. How will you know when you “made it?” How would you describe your “ultimate ambition?”
I once read an article that stated simply if you’ve been paid for your work as an actress/actor, then you are a professional, working actor.   I would say it’s true, but for me, that would also entail having lines… That has already happened for me, but I would say having steady, paid work (with lines) as an actress would mean “I’ve made it.”

Well, there you have it–Kalissa Brown for your reading pleasure.  If you have any more questions for her, send them to me, and I’ll do the required follow-up.

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