All Wrapped Up and No Place To Go!

Simmons, played by Michael Marcus, is disgusted by something.

Why is Simmons the Janitor disgusted? Get ready to watch Episode 0 and find out!

So here I am, back “on target” for the weekly blog post, and I bring good news for you on this long-awaited series:  my character, Simmons the Janitor, is finally wrapped. Finally, I’ll get a break from that blasted jumpsuit! It’s made for someone a foot taller than I am, about a hundred pounds bulkier than I am, and when it gets hot, it “makes its own gravy,” if you know what I mean. That brings us much, much closer to a wrap on the pilot,

Meanwhile, it feels good to get back in the rhythm of writing these little Sunday messages. I have my own other projects, certainly, like ART WAR, and like my art in the Funhouse Gallery at Russell Industrial Center, and, of course, getting ready for Motor City Comic Con, but getting these posts out on a weekly basis brings back a real sense of a regular, if small, accomplishment. I hope you’re reading this, because we’ve got something special coming up soon… maybe not next week, but soon.

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