Busy Times, Busy Blogger

Okay, this one’s still close to the wire, but at least it’s on time. All the busy-ness of spring, including the Joy of the 1040 Form, has its way of getting to me, but at least that means it will all be done by the next time I need to be on camera. One thing that surprised me, though, is that nobody managed to figure out last week’s challenge! Well, here’s the answer:

That audio clip was from a “counting station” or “numbers station.” These stations broadcast over short-wave throughout the Cold War, transmitting information in code to spies in the field. It seems every secret service had them. Here are some great articles on numbers stations:

This week’s challenge goes with the Pic of the Week:
Three FBI agents, looking at.... who?
This one’s an easy one, if you’ve been paying attention. The three guys in the picture are looking at the person who is leaving the room. Who is that mysterious person? Give either the character or the actor’s name to win this week!

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