This is EXACTLY What I Meant.

It’s Monday, and that means Sunday slipped by without a post. It’s so easy to get caught up in other things, and this week, I even had a little something new to talk about, with respect to the show. The Big Special Effect for the pilot is in-process; I developed some of the scaled photographs in preparation for the big BOOM of the pilot, so this moves us significantly closer to being done with Episode Zero. It nearly went without comment, just because momentum can be such a hard thing to maintain without feedback from an audience.

Today’s challenge is simple: What does the following recording have to do with The Adventures of Jack Uzi?

And now, the Pic of the Week: The Spy Car… or at least the bit of it that isn’t Top Secret.

GGNS:  Good Guys Never Spy.

This is the only part of the Jack Uzi GGNS spy car we can legally show you.

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