Don’t Blame Me…

Okay, I admit it. I’ve got nothing this week. No real announcements, no interview profiles, no, games, no contests, just me totally drawing a blank this week… but damn it, I’m going to keep to my schedule of posting once a week because I know that if I let even so much as a week drop, I’m going to start to lose the discipline to produce these blog posts. Then, when there is something to announce, I’ll forget to announce it, or for that matter, things will have dropped to the point where even the regular readers will stop reading, and everything will be pointless.

The fact is that I have to be here. Sure, there’s Impact in Five Seconds over on Facebook, but that’s mostly pictures and very little information, and it reflects very little of the fun that we have on and off the set, and it tells you very little about all the cool people on cast end crew. That’s what I’m doing here. Because we’re pulling this together as MPMedia’s first excursion, we are truly grateful to everybody who is taking a chance on us and giving us their time and effort in the name of a series of which we can all be proud, and that’s also why we have started putting together the cast profiles. This week’s profile just didn’t come together because answers to my questions didn’t come back in time to write it up, and nobody had the wherewithal to send a photoshopped pic of Ryan, so here I am, just floundering for a few words. Go figure. I did, at least, get around to playing with the picture myself. So there.

Ryan Minarik dropped the bomb.

“I had to. They said something mean about JACK UZI.”

Next week, back to business.

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