Delta, nor Easter

Happy Easter, folks.  I’m going to keep this one brief.  Last week’s challenge photo had all eyes on FBI Agent Custer, played by Danielle Marcella.  She’s in town investigating… well, you’ll just have to see.  In fact, the top video on our official site will give you some clues.  See if you can guess!

And now, the Pic of the Week!

Allan Rembrandt meets Agent Custer
played by (Billy Whitehouse and Danielle Marcella)


Busy Times, Busy Blogger

Okay, this one’s still close to the wire, but at least it’s on time. All the busy-ness of spring, including the Joy of the 1040 Form, has its way of getting to me, but at least that means it will all be done by the next time I need to be on camera. One thing that surprised me, though, is that nobody managed to figure out last week’s challenge! Well, here’s the answer:

That audio clip was from a “counting station” or “numbers station.” These stations broadcast over short-wave throughout the Cold War, transmitting information in code to spies in the field. It seems every secret service had them. Here are some great articles on numbers stations:

This week’s challenge goes with the Pic of the Week:
Three FBI agents, looking at.... who?
This one’s an easy one, if you’ve been paying attention. The three guys in the picture are looking at the person who is leaving the room. Who is that mysterious person? Give either the character or the actor’s name to win this week!

This is EXACTLY What I Meant.

It’s Monday, and that means Sunday slipped by without a post. It’s so easy to get caught up in other things, and this week, I even had a little something new to talk about, with respect to the show. The Big Special Effect for the pilot is in-process; I developed some of the scaled photographs in preparation for the big BOOM of the pilot, so this moves us significantly closer to being done with Episode Zero. It nearly went without comment, just because momentum can be such a hard thing to maintain without feedback from an audience.

Today’s challenge is simple: What does the following recording have to do with The Adventures of Jack Uzi?

And now, the Pic of the Week: The Spy Car… or at least the bit of it that isn’t Top Secret.

GGNS:  Good Guys Never Spy.

This is the only part of the Jack Uzi GGNS spy car we can legally show you.

Don’t Blame Me…

Okay, I admit it. I’ve got nothing this week. No real announcements, no interview profiles, no, games, no contests, just me totally drawing a blank this week… but damn it, I’m going to keep to my schedule of posting once a week because I know that if I let even so much as a week drop, I’m going to start to lose the discipline to produce these blog posts. Then, when there is something to announce, I’ll forget to announce it, or for that matter, things will have dropped to the point where even the regular readers will stop reading, and everything will be pointless.

The fact is that I have to be here. Sure, there’s Impact in Five Seconds over on Facebook, but that’s mostly pictures and very little information, and it reflects very little of the fun that we have on and off the set, and it tells you very little about all the cool people on cast end crew. That’s what I’m doing here. Because we’re pulling this together as MPMedia’s first excursion, we are truly grateful to everybody who is taking a chance on us and giving us their time and effort in the name of a series of which we can all be proud, and that’s also why we have started putting together the cast profiles. This week’s profile just didn’t come together because answers to my questions didn’t come back in time to write it up, and nobody had the wherewithal to send a photoshopped pic of Ryan, so here I am, just floundering for a few words. Go figure. I did, at least, get around to playing with the picture myself. So there.

Ryan Minarik dropped the bomb.

“I had to. They said something mean about JACK UZI.”

Next week, back to business.

And now, Ryan “Gold-Mine” Minarik!

Now’s your opportunity to meet Ryan Minarik, the actor playing Captain Linenger in The Adventures of Jack Uzi!

Ryan Minarik on a green-screen background

Here he is… but replace that green-screen background with a new location!

1) How did you find yourself getting involved with acting?

I found myself getting into acting thanks to my co-workers at UPS. Let’s just say, I entertained them with my voices and my role-playing at work, and they all said that I missed my calling. Finally, I researched it and found an agency to help me find some acting gigs.  Bada-boom, bada-bang, here I am.

2) When you consider acting as a process, what is your favorite aspect of it?

My favorite aspect of acting is getting out in front of the camera and people, letting myself go and being that person I am portraying. Also, I like seeing behind the scenes and actually seeing how all the stuff is put together.

3) What has been your most enjoyable experience to date as an actor and why?

My most enjoyable experience to date is working with Freon and and Barb on set, Just for the simple fact they made is so comfortable and easy-going. I felt at ease.

4) Finally, and this is a question I like to ask everybody I meet: Everyone has a view in his or her head of what “success” would be. How will you know when you “made it?” How would you describe your “ultimate ambition?”

“Made it… ” My wildest dream of “making it” is that I would never have to work at UPS again!!! [laughs] Realistically, though, I started acting to see if I can actually get in front of a camera and people and play a part with no wavering, no doubt, and just do it. I know I have the skill and talent to do any part that is put in front of me to act. It’s just a question of whether or not I can do it when the red light comes on. When I am confident in that, I know it that’s when I will feel I “made it”.

As the picture’s caption says, everyone, Ryan’s background looks pretty empty.  Why don’t you fix that for us? 

As with the ongoing ringtone contest, we’re setting the size of the prize on the number of actual entrants–the more people get involved, the bigger the prize will get, so get your friends involved, and when you win, the better the prizes will be!

And now, on to Mars.

I promised this last time.  The month of March was named for the Roman god Mars, their god of war.  Coincidentally, Mars is the starting setting for the upcoming film, The Billion-Dollar Caveman.  Set in the far future, the story involves one young reporter on her way to the scoop of a lifetime… if she survives!  Of course, while we’re moving the original story from comic book to script, we also need to look at design elements appropriate for the Mars Colonies and the Asteroid Belt, so if you’re interested in some fashion design credits for the movie, please contact me with your visions of what people will be wearing in the early 2800s on Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt.  If you need help visualizing conditions, let me know, and I’ll be happy to tell you more.