The Blackwater Profile

Kristyn Shelley as Rose Blackwater

Kristyn Shelley as Rose Blackwater

This week’s profile is with Kristyn Shelley who plays GGNS Agent Rose Blackwater.

You have a handful of small parts listed on the IMDb.  Tell me about some of your projects and how you got them.

Most of them, I got from local casting agents, but a couple I found on my own.  There is a local casting guy named Ryan Hill who put out a call for Ides Of March, my first film in which I was an extra, and I have been following him ever since. He was the one who put me in most of them, including an Eminem video.

I noticed you studied at Adelphi University. What was your major and do you feel it helped you as an actress?

That is kind of funny.  At the time, I wanted to be a photojournalist.  I was taking classes like anthropology, but I was also taking a film-making class, as well.  It was just for fun, but it turned out that was the year I really found what i wanted to do… and that was to be around the film industry.  It was a turning-point year for me.  Shortly thereafter, I met my soon-to-be husband and the rest, as they say, was history.

What has been one of your most enjoyable experience to date in any of your projects–what happened and why?

It was on Dark Sky.  That was great.  I got to be an extra in it, and we filmed outside on a football field.  They had all the high budget film props–they had a huge fan and a prop that would make it rain.  At one point, they said that first they would make it rain, then make it windy. and then both.  I was soaked and cold, but I loved it!  It felt, as I told the people around me, as if I were getting paid to be at Cedar Point.  It felt like an amusement park ride.  Later, I learned that people either loved the experience or hated it.  I loved it!  It was my fifth film, and it was with the same director that did Final Destination 5.  Pure fun!  Of course, I always have fun doing Jack Uzi!

Everyone successful has a view in his or her head of what success would be for him or her.  How will you know when you “made it?”  How would you describe your “ultimate ambition?”

I’ll have made it when I finally get that project that makes me feel whole–the one that makes me feel as if I have peace of mind, so I feel as if I don’t need to worry if I will ever make it in this industry–when I am happy with myself and feel accomplished.  Fame is fleeting but success is constant.

Next week:  March and the Mars Connection!

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