Results and Replacements

Well, the results are in, and most of you want to see the next four minutes–the result of this post goes along to our director, together with a few shocks from the official Jack Uzi Cattle-Prod. And now, this week’s Pick of the Week, meet the NEW Leland Crane, as played by Dean Vanderkolk, one of our recast of recharacters for the sake of expediency in filming. Wait until you see him dance.

Dean Vanderkolk as Leland Crane

Dean Vanderkolk as Leland Crane


Bringing… the Beginning!

Episode Zero of “The Adventures of Jack Uzi” has been gestating like an overdue pregnancy for a while now, and to continue the metaphor, I think the project’s water broke. We’re seeing some effort with the first contractions, and MP Media is proud to present the first four minutes of Episode Zero, complete with credits:

Lease for Laughs!

So, last night, we had a joke-testing session with Lea$e for Life, and after a few unexpected setbacks, we got the game underway. You see, the whole point of this is in putting together a one minute mock-commercial for this, preceding several of the main characters actually playing the game. Having folks improvising lines before the game ends up in the script should make the whole process funnier because it means we have more people effectively writing for the show.

action shot
The game in all its glory!

As for the game itself, we’re going to be auctioning off the prototype, but the final version is available at The Game Crafter, our favorite print-on-demand game builders. All profits go toward the production budget, so if you want to see us succeed, pick up a copy!

Consistency and Curiosity

The big challenge is writing a weekly blog when there’s not always something to report.  We’ve really got nothing to report, and yet, there’s the fact that if nothing new is here when this is supposed to be a weekly blog, people tend to stop caring.Zeena at Omar'sFor example, the picture above is from an early shot last year, featuring Kimberly Sinical in the role of Zeena, one of the waitresses at Omar’s Deli.  If we just posted pictures from the shoots here, on a weekly basis, would that be enough to keep your interest?