Ends, Efforts, and Editing!

Twelve-thirty-two-thousand-twelve: With the End of the World safely past (again), we at least find ourselves proceeding toward the End of the Year! With much of the pick-up work done, we’re looking at the end of work on the pilot, too! With that, we have been making some effort to getting our schedules together for filming the rest of the Season One story… and in fact, we’ve been filling in some of the holes in the upcoming scripts while waiting on people we need for the pilot.
We’ve also been getting some of the editing done (although we’re saving the best parts–the special effects–the actual series… although it’s not going to look like what you think!). Here’s a scene we’ve been working on from… well, the episode number is secret, but if you can tell me who you can see in this film, prizes await! If anyone can guess who is wrangling each of the vehicles in the scene, mention those, too, and even bigger prizes await!

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