Man, Myth, and Michigan

The fundamental question that the average viewer is going to have with The Adventures of Jack Uzi is going to be, “Why would there be so many spies in Michigan?”  Despite a tendency for the rest of the country to ignore the state, it’s a critical area in many ways:

  1. Perhaps most importantly, Michigan is a crucial trading point with Canada, both over the bridges and through the Great Lakes waterways.  Not only do goods flow in, but (and most people may not know about this) people do get smuggled in and out over the border.
  2. In terms of high-tech, Ann Arbor has some of the crucial Internet networking points, joining east to west.  The opportunities for cyberspies are tremendous.
  3. The automotive industry does more than just inspire new cars–General Motors’ technology, for example, gets used in artificial hearts.  The business market up here is swarming with prototypes, ripe for corporate espionage.

That brings us to the types of agents (and those that police them) that we have (or do we?) in Jack Uzi?

Spy Tech:   Laser Vision Goggles

Oh… so *that’s* what they’re doing!

  1. Corporate spies focus, of course, on stealing the best business ideas for their employers… or sabotaging those same ideas and plans.
  2. Cyberspies typically work on gathering information or trading in it.
  3. The U.S. Border Patrol deal with smuggling of goods… and people.
  4. The NSA works with all manner of cryptology, cybercrime (including espionage), and data collection (including GPS technology).
  5. The Central Intelligence Agency is our own spy organization working abroad… but Canada’s just on the other side of the border, and we have spies everywhere.
  6. The FBI look for all manner of criminal activity and coordinate with Border Patrol, NSA, CIA, and other factions of the Department of Homeland Security.
  7. Other countries, and other political factions, have their espionage units here, ready to steal from corporate and National properties alike.
  8. Then, of course, there’s that shadowy organization that somehow exists all over the world, and yet we only know of them as GGNS.

So here, then, is the more general question:  If you could be a member of any of these types of groups, which would you want to be?

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