Linkage, Laughter, and LEA$E FOR LIFE!

As you know, we’re using this frenzied time of the year as an opportunity to write script and fill in some of the “blanks” that link parts of the story together.  One of these “blanks” is the scripting around our custom-made game, LEA$E FOR LIFE!  Designed as a prop for the series, the game is meant to be a dark, horrible satire of post-college rental nightmares and the resultant homelessness and insanity (“Save your boxes, folks!  You might be living in them!”).  While looking at the product, our Fearless Leader, Mike Andaluz, decided he wants to shoot a commercial for the game, as well, and the best way to find the best comments about the game will be some playtesting sessions.  If there’s anyone out there who would enjoy playing a game with such dark humor, please contact me, and we’ll put some games up on the schedule.  Bring some chips, soda, and plenty of tissues for your sweet, sweet tears.

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