Impulse, Identity, and IMPACT IN FIVE SECONDS!

So, we’ve somehow reached December, and as we approach the End of the World, we’re also reaching the End of Episode Zero.  Hopefully, we can get the last couple of shots wrapped, destroy a building, and then edit the whole thing together.  However, it’s also starting to get chilly out there, and people are being dragged off to holiday parties left and right, college and high-school actors are preparing for finals, and the rest of us are just in hiding from the nonsense that is Xmas Buying Panic.

While we’re waiting, and since none of the other cast or crew responded yet, I’ll go ahead and do a profile on myself.  My name is Michael Marcus, and behind the scenes, I’m helping Mike Andaluz with story design, taking on the role of a script supervisor, a production assistant, and generally helping out with some of the more dangerous aspects of the show (like driving the “spy car” around switchbacks at unsafe speeds and praying the damn thing doesn’t suddenly lose a wheel).  In front of the camera, I play Simmons, the high school janitor at the school Christy and the other kids attend.  Aside from the series, I run the various creative services at Hamtramck Idea Men, where I’ve been editing and publishing comics, designing games, and generally been selling my creative services to those who need them.  I’ve recently been commissioned to do one of the Audience Choice Awards to be given out at the Mitten Movie Project this month.

I’ve also been asked to SHARE THE AWESOMENESS of this blog over on Facebook with our project fan group over there, IMPACT IN FIVE SECONDS, saving everyone yet another click and providing more “Facebook Feed Fabulosity” for everyone.  After all you know what They Say… but I don’t.  I never listen to Them.  As always, send your questions, requests, and other Jack-Uzi-related madness to me, and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

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