Thanksgiving, Thingamajigs, and Thecrets

It’s been a slow week in JackUziLand thanks to Thanksgiving, and in particular, Thanksgiving being scheduled for a Thursday.  I can’t tell you how many people I know mentioned how much it threw their rhythms off.  Heck, it’s 9pm, and I’m only now getting to typing this thing in!  Admittedly, part of it was due to the sudden distraction of an electric bottle of steam.  HAAN produces this steam-cleaning tool, but it’s so much fun to use, it should be called a toy.  It builds enough pressure to it that its kick reminds me of blasting someone with a fire extinguisher, only instead of cold foam, it produces scalding, scalding heat… but boy, is this thing fast when it comes to cleaning!  Anyway, buy one.  Too much fun, and you might be able to get your significant other to actually clean for a change.

Anyway, I have to give thanks that I’ve finally got the last issue of IF-X, “The End,” printed, minted, and out to the stores early, making sure you can get yours by the 21st.  This has also given me the chance to put together a “Cyber Monday Secret Bargain,” allowing you to, effectively, get six issues for the price of five, with free shipping.  Questions?  Write.

IF-X, Volume 3, Issue 12, "The End"

The last issue of IF-X, finishes off five years of the anthology series.

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