Mid-Month Munchies

We’ve somehow managed to get through the first two Fridays of the month, including a convention weekend, an Election Day (thank goodness that’s over!), and, on a more personal note, the deadline to the last IF-X:  The Infinity Flux eXperiment I will ever do (More about that will be mentioned in December.).  With that, though, we keep rolling forward, with another production meeting this Tuesday, hosted by our sponsor, Bartelli’s Catering, at their location within 300 Bowl in Waterford, where they provide a five-star gourmet snack-bar.   (Try the rib-eye steak calzone!)  After that, it’s more planning, more shooting, and possibly a little more fun with the spy car before Michigan freezes over.

Meanwhile, to help give cast members more exposure, I’d like to use this blog as a place where everyone can have an extra five seconds of fame.  Anyone with a character in Jack Uzi (from Jack Fitch all the way down to Person Waiting In Airport) can contact me at The Secret E-Mail Address, and we’ll post an interview with you here on the blog, complete with a picture.  Some of the best of these may be recorded for either YouTube or one of the DVD-Extras!  Are you game for fame!  Just send a message!

(For those businesses or individuals interested in sponsorship, contact me, and we can work out specifics.  Money may not be required.)

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