Productively Producing Product

Recently, I was given the task of producing another production unit for the series, and we had our first meeting this Tuesday, and now we have another team with another manager, a camera person, and two production assistants.  We talked a little about people’s duties, how the program gets put together, and what basic plans we have through the next couple of busy holiday months.

Personally, these are my least favorite times of the year, mostly due to the ubiquity of holiday nonsense, but this year, tension’s tighter than ever, thanks to the hundreds of millions, if not billions, spent on this year’s election idiocy.  This is money best spent put to work on fixing our country, its infrastructure, and the lives of those who are in desperately need of help.  Some of this money comes from grassroots organizations, but much of it comes from deep, deep pockets not only from those within this country but also from foreign interests.  That money then gets channeled into commercials, fliers, and robo-calls, all of which actually annoy the voting public.

Do you know what would have influenced my vote more?  Taking that money and putting it directly into more productive use, like feeding the poor, housing the homeless, or even donating the money toward federal, state, or city renewal projects.  Heck, for all I care, call it the “Vote for Mitt Romney Soup Kitchen” or the “Re-Elect Barack Obama Housing Project.”  At least something good and lasting will come of it.

Anyway, Rant Over.  Now do us a favor and back our project so we don’t have to go to a Mr. Moneybags to sell it.  Oh, and Mr. Moneybags, if you’re reading this, you can back our project now, too.  We promise to kiss your butt just as much now as we will in the future.

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