Help Promote a Minor Character

Handling even a weekly blog is difficult, what with events like Detroit Fanfare (what a great show!) getting in the way… but fortunately, there’s always something going on with our series.  In order to make a high school class look big enough to be a high school class, we needed to have lots of high-school-age characters audition.  Now, as a fun little exercise in promotion, we’ve invited you to decide which ones you like the most… by “liking” their photos in Facebook!  The one with the most “likes” will be allowed to change his or her character name!  Go help them now!

Meanwhile, we’re still on the look-out for the right ring-tone for our hero, Jack Fitch.  C’mon, folks!  We know some of you have favorite music samples, and some of you are even musicians!  Have some fun with this!  All it takes is a clip of .wav or .mp3 with any appropriate credits, sent to the secret e-mail address!

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