Help Promote a Minor Character

Handling even a weekly blog is difficult, what with events like Detroit Fanfare (what a great show!) getting in the way… but fortunately, there’s always something going on with our series.  In order to make a high school class look big enough to be a high school class, we needed to have lots of high-school-age characters audition.  Now, as a fun little exercise in promotion, we’ve invited you to decide which ones you like the most… by “liking” their photos in Facebook!  The one with the most “likes” will be allowed to change his or her character name!  Go help them now!

Meanwhile, we’re still on the look-out for the right ring-tone for our hero, Jack Fitch.  C’mon, folks!  We know some of you have favorite music samples, and some of you are even musicians!  Have some fun with this!  All it takes is a clip of .wav or .mp3 with any appropriate credits, sent to the secret e-mail address!


Leaping Forward

Although we’re approaching the big Time Change of the Year, we’re making things happen in the world of JACK UZI. We’ve been getting more footage from around Michigan, shooting new images of the Spy Car in action, and generally making the most of Autumn this year. New people are getting involved with the series (why not YOU?), both in front of and behind the scenes, and there’s tremendous fun to be had. We’re still looking for the right ringtone for Jack, I’m still looking for folks interested in other projects, and generally speaking, if you’re bored, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.

If you do not participate, you are missing out.

If you “like” this, great. Share it. Then get involved. If you can’t think of something to do, ask me. It’s not about money. It’s about time. Leap forward and DO something. Come see me over at the Detroit Tradecraft table at Detroit Fanfare this coming weekend, and we’ll have a blast.

I double-dog dare you.

When you smell the smoke…

Those are the first words of my favorite DEVO song, “Here to Go.” It’s easily one of their best songs because it holds up so well over time. It’s about the fact that we have finite lives, and we need to pack as much into those lives as possible. Most importantly, we never know when those lives are going to end. That can make some of us impatient, and that’s part of the frustration of the creative process itself–in many cases, it can’t be rushed, and in some cases, those in charge of these processes won’t be rushed. We’re just some effects shots from having something BIG to release, and we’re just one or two scenes left in the second episodes that require some hard-to-schedule people to make it to the studio. It’s all part of the challenge of seeing this done correctly.

Meanwhile, life continues to go on, and every bit of this time, while waiting, needs to be used effectively, or it feels like time is being lost or wasted. Production on other parts of the series proceed apace, with all Autumn-related B-roll being shot. During the week, I continue to look toward the other projects, including a possible second prototype for “LEA$E FOR LIFE,” as features in the series. Then there are my projects… and on those, I’ll admit to needing some help.

  • If you know anyone who can help me reach a marketing director of an upscale hotel, let me know, and when that project “breaks,” you’ll be getting a finder’s fee.
  • I need to practice some performance pieces that, while they may not be part of this series, will likely turn into something that will be seen at some local art galleries. However, this will require at least one assistant. Again, if you want to help, let me know. This gig pays in “cool stuff” from my stash of art, comics, books, movies, and other strangeness.
  • I’m looking for people interested in helping put together a sort of “surrealist journal” here in Michigan. The book will pay in complimentary copies, plus the ability to buy more copies to sell to friends, family, and utter strangers. The meetings will probably take the form of a “surrealist game night” here in Hamtramck (either at my house or a local coffee house) that will be recorded for the sake of any “crowd-funding” promotions we might do. Again, let me know if you’re interested, and we can iron out the details as we go.

Most importantly, remember that this show, THE ADVENTURES OF JACK UZI is locally-grown with your help, so please, please pass around the URL for the series as well as the one for this blog. We literally can’t do this without you.

Still Seeking… and Cynicalman!

It’s a week out from our cellphone ringtone contest, and we’ve had some entrants, but nothing has piqued our Director’s imagination yet, so check the rules and enter as many times as you like!

Meanwhile, in another part of the infosphere, Matt Feazell’s “THE AMAZING CYNICALMAN” has been released to baffled and amazed audiences, featuring some great work by members of the Jack Uzi cast!

SEE Temps versus ZOMBIES!
SEE A Lady in Red with a BAD ATTITUDE!
SEE The origins of a HERO… and a VILLAIN!

It’s a LIVE-ACTION CARTOON set in Hamtramck, Michigan with MAD MUSIC and the Cynicalman Seal of Grudging Approval! Only $5 + Shipping!

Since, we can’t sell directly on this blog, click here and buy a copy!