Trivia Contest Answers… and a Winner!

This week, we start by presenting the answers to last week’s trivia questions:

1)  The song in the background was entitled “Anything Goes!”
2)  The author of the song was Cole Porter.
3)  The Monty Python version of “Anything Goes!” has the following lyrics:

“AnyTHING goes in. AnyTHING goes out.
Fish, bananas, old pajamas, mutton, beef, and trout.” 

Very Silly Indeed.

Congratulations to Mark Lempert for answering one of the trivia questions correctly!  For his amazing feat, he has won… a fortune-telling fish!

And now, another easy contest. All it takes is paying attention to the following clip:

Name ANY three characters in the clip–not the actors, the characters. As usual, just click here to send in your answers to me, your friendly neighborhood prizemaster, along with your postal address, and if your answers are correct, I’ll send out your prizes!

Next week, make sure that you and all your friends get here and participate. We have a really special sort of contest, and the more people who participate, the bigger the prizes get!

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