More Fun Than A Barrel of Honkeys

Okay, so it looks like people want to see Agent Custer’s tattoo, many just want to see more of Agent Custer, and people can’t seem to find Ken MacGregor long enough to get a picture taken, which is a shame since the PRIZES are still here, waiting to be given out.  Still, I’m not going to give up on this.  You have the pictures of Ken as Phantom, both in the post here and on the official website, so the new challenge is to make it into a photoshop contest.  That’s right.  Take one of those pictures (or if you can find one, a better picture of Ken MacGregor somewhere else on the Interwebs), and paste into a location to give us your best “Where is Phantom Now?” image.  Send them to this e-mail address, and the winning images will be posted to next week’s blog.  Make them cool, make them clever, make them funny, make them goofy–have fun with this.

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