Last Week’s Winner… and This Week’s Challenge

Hey, everybody. It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time to announce last week’s contest winners. As you recall, we threw you another easy one: we played a clip in which three characters’ names were mentioned, and all you had to do was name them. The answers were (in order):

  1. Daphne (although this was somewhat hard to hear–“Stephanie” and other near-sound-alikes would have been accepted)
  2. Tyler, and
  3. Mrs. Eberhardt (again, since the name was hard to spell, anything in the neighborhood of that spelling would have been accepted)

Congratulations to Riley Grossman-Lempert for getting all three names right!  For getting all three names right, Riley receives one of the very-collectible Halloween issues of IF-X.

This week’s contest should be fun for everyone because of how it lets you GET CREATIVE.  Our Hero, Jack Fitch (played by Jeff Berndt), has a cellphone,  but we want it to have a really distinctive ring-tone.  It can be the beginning of a song, somebody saying a famous quote, a set of tones you composed yourself–just about anything would qualify.  All you have to do is send in your entry, and it will be passed along to our director, who will make a decision on which clip to use.  Now, I don’t know how long it might take for him to find “the right one,” but I’m guessing you have at least a week to get in your entry.  You can enter more than once, so if you have two or three ideas, great!  As I mentioned last week, though, the more entries from different people that I get, the bigger the prize will be:

  • 1-5 entrants:  a copy of an issue of  IF-X
  • 6-10 entrants:  a copy of Gamer’s Dozen
  • 11-20 entrants:   an HIM Prize Pack stuffed with comics and games and other surprises
  • 21-40 entrants:  a $30 restaurant gift certificate to a local restaurant
  • 41+ entrants:  a $100 Visa Gift Card

So don’t just enter yourself–get your friends to subscribe to this blog and enter the contest as well.  Here’s a scene featuring Jack finding out about his job  (you may recognize some of this from the trailer).

Let the contest begin!


Trivia Contest Answers… and a Winner!

This week, we start by presenting the answers to last week’s trivia questions:

1)  The song in the background was entitled “Anything Goes!”
2)  The author of the song was Cole Porter.
3)  The Monty Python version of “Anything Goes!” has the following lyrics:

“AnyTHING goes in. AnyTHING goes out.
Fish, bananas, old pajamas, mutton, beef, and trout.” 

Very Silly Indeed.

Congratulations to Mark Lempert for answering one of the trivia questions correctly!  For his amazing feat, he has won… a fortune-telling fish!

And now, another easy contest. All it takes is paying attention to the following clip:

Name ANY three characters in the clip–not the actors, the characters. As usual, just click here to send in your answers to me, your friendly neighborhood prizemaster, along with your postal address, and if your answers are correct, I’ll send out your prizes!

Next week, make sure that you and all your friends get here and participate. We have a really special sort of contest, and the more people who participate, the bigger the prizes get!

“Bugging Out” and Trivia Contest Giveaway!

By now, you’ve probably seen the following clip:

Rather than focusing on the identity of the guy in the bee suit, which would be really hard for almost everyone out there, I’ve got some easy trivia questions for you.  Everyone who answers at least one of them correctly will win a prize (not a super fancy-schmancy prize, since these questions are so easy, and you only have to get one right) up until the point where we run out of them (which we might, as at least one of these questions is really easy).  All prizes will be sent by the hard-working people at the United States Postal Service.  Well, here they are:

  1. What is the name of the song playing in the background?
  2. Who is the author of the song in the background?
  3. Monty Python’s Flying Circus had a song by the same title in one of its episodes.  What were its lyrics?

Send your message to the secret e-mail address (the one you get by clicking this link).  Remember to also include your postal address so that we can ship you your prize.   Gosh, that was easy, wasn’t it?

And the Winner Is….

As you’ll recall from last week, people were having trouble finding Ken MacGregor (aka Phantom from our series), so we turned this into a Phantom Photoshop Contest.  We have a winner from that contest, and that winner is… Russ Herschler for his Phantom of the Daleks:

Our winning picture of Ken MacGregor, aka PHANTOM!

For his efforts, Russ wins an HIM Prize Pack, including comics, games, fortune-telling fish, and other weird and wonderful items.  Look forward to more contests, give-aways, and other entertaining activities!

Meanwhile, here’s a snippet of our heroes, Jack Fitch (played by Jeff Berndt) and his daughter Christy (played by Natalie Miller) as they prepare to bug out of Baltimore and wind their way to Waterford:

More Fun Than A Barrel of Honkeys

Okay, so it looks like people want to see Agent Custer’s tattoo, many just want to see more of Agent Custer, and people can’t seem to find Ken MacGregor long enough to get a picture taken, which is a shame since the PRIZES are still here, waiting to be given out.  Still, I’m not going to give up on this.  You have the pictures of Ken as Phantom, both in the post here and on the official website, so the new challenge is to make it into a photoshop contest.  That’s right.  Take one of those pictures (or if you can find one, a better picture of Ken MacGregor somewhere else on the Interwebs), and paste into a location to give us your best “Where is Phantom Now?” image.  Send them to this e-mail address, and the winning images will be posted to next week’s blog.  Make them cool, make them clever, make them funny, make them goofy–have fun with this.